Septic Tanks

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Tri-state Wilbert Vault manufactures high quality concrete septic tanks. Our precast concrete septic tanks are made exclusively of high strength concrete, you get a superior mix design tested for compressive strength. Steel reinforcing is positioned with retainers throughout, maximizing structural integrity. This attention to detail ensures years of quality use and customer satisfaction. Our precast concrete septic tanks are delivered on schedule and placed. With our precast concrete, the tank's strength comes from the tank structure itself and requires no additional surrounding supports. Our precast concrete septic tanks meet all government regulations including those for Ohio, Kentucky, and West Virginia. Contact our sales department today to place your order.

Deminsions and Specifications

  • Concrete PSI in excess of 5000 PSI
  • 1000 Gallons
  • 60" Wdith X 92" Length
  • 68" Deep
  • 58" from bottom of tank to center of inlet
  • 56" from bottom to center of Outlet
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500 PSI, 1000 Gallon Septic Tank